Parties / Events

Funhaven is the best place in town to celebrate any occasion!  From birthdays to stag and does; holiday parties to sports team celebrations, Funhaven has everything you need for a memorable event.


Step 1: Choose the number of guests you want to invite.
Step 2: How long do you want your guests to play for? Typically we suggest about an hour and a half to two hours of play.
Step 3: Choose the credit quantity you want available for your guests.
Step 4: Do you want to have cake and food here at Funhaven? If so you will need to pre-book a table rental for your group in our mezzanine!
Step 4a: What time do you want your table time to be? Tables can be booked for 1-hour increments.
Step 4b: So you want food - now you need to choose what you’d like to feed your guests - see from this list below.
Step 5:  Are there any other enhancements you are interested in? (See the enhancements list below!)


80 Credits per person
Up to 60 minutes of Fun
$12.00 per person
120 Credits per person
Up to 90 minutes of Fun
$18.00 per person
160 Credits per person
Up to 120 minutes of Fun
$24.00 per person
240 Credits per person
Up to 240 minutes of Fun
$36.00 per person


Large Cheese Pizza $16.99
Add veggies at $1.49 per choice, Add meat at $1.99 per choice
Pitcher of Pop $4.99
Pizza Meal $39.99
2 Large cheese pizzas and 2 pitchers of pop
Veggie Tray (Feeds up to 8) $13.99
Fruit Tray (Feeds up to 8) $16.99
Bowl of Popcorn $4.99
Garlic Bread (16 large pieces) $14.99
Large Fry $9.99
Coffee Carafe (8 cups) $4.99
Cake $39.99
Cupcakes $3.50 each


Funhaven Fun Expert - $100 per hour (A Funhaven Fun Expert can be added on to help you serve your pizza and drinks at your table or you can add them during your play time and they can help you and your guests get the most fun-filled time in the arcade and attractions)

Private party room - $100 per hour

Table rental - $25 per hour (if you choose a table rental, please specify if you need help with the stairs)



8 people, 2 hours (1 hour of play), Hosted Table rental (one hour), Large cheese pizza, soft drinks.

$144 for 120 Credits per person = up to 90 minutes of Fun

$25 for table

$100 for Host (1 hour to assist with service)

$39.99 Pizza Meal Package (2 large cheese pizzas, 2 pitchers of Pop or Juice)

TOTAL: $308.99 + tax