Bumper Cars

Bump, drive and spin your friends and family with our state-of-the-art Spin Zone bumper cars!
Designed for ages five years old and up to drive, riders can be as young as three years old when they ride in the Buddy Seat with an adult in the driving seat. The cars are easy to enter and exit for any age rider and easy to control. Operating at a maximum of three mph, they are not fast but are very quick. Getting up to speed in less than eight feet, the Spin Zone is an exciting ride that is fun for all ages!

Rules and Restrictions:

Driver – No Passenger:

  • Minimum Height 36″
  • Minimum age: 5 years old

Minimum Height 60 inches (or a Parent)

Minimum age: 18 years old (or a Parent)

  • A passenger in Buddy Seat: (Child Passenger Seat)

Minimum Age: 3 years old Maximum Age: 7 years old

Maximum Weight: 65 lbs. Maximum Height 50 inches

  • Anyone over 350 lbs. should not ride this ride; This is the combined maximum weight (rider + buddy, if applicable);
  • Anyone with broken bones or existing neck or back problems should not ride;
  • Shirts and shoes must be worn while riding;
  • No smoking, eating, or drinking in the Spin Zone arena;
  • Keep feet and hands inside the vehicle;
  • Whenever the car is on (lights on the car are on) – STAY SEATED;
  • Fasten seat belt before the ride starts and keep it on until the ride is over;
  • If car malfunctions, stays seated and raise a hand;
  • Secure all hair over shoulder length and any loose clothing;
  • All persons using this ride do so at their own risk;