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Our Available Escape Rooms!

Funhaven Escape Adventures

Time to escape: up to 60 minutes.

Cost: 125 credits per person

Escape into a world of adventure with Funhaven’s exciting escape rooms! Located in the heart of Ottawa, our rooms offer a unique and thrilling experience for everyone. For just 125 credits per person, you and your team will be challenged to solve puzzles, crack codes, and find clues in order to escape before time runs out. Are you up for the challenge?
To ensure the availability of your preferred escape room, we recommend filling out the form below to request your booking before your visit.


You’ve won a free tip to a luxury, 5-star resort in the Amazon Rainforest. You’re greeted by some locals… but not all is as it seems. Will you be able to escape before your welcoming party returns?


You’ve answered an ad for a freelance investigating gig. The client’s Uncle Bucky left them a cottage after disappearing under mysterious circumstances. You are now on your way up the mountain to the cottage to find out what you can about Uncle Bucky.


Welcome to the U.S.S. Silver Siren. You’re visiting an illustrious submarine turned museum, enjoying your tour – when suddenly, the craft has system wide malfunctions! Control systems are locked down and the craft begins a slow descent into the darkness?


The Jade Skull was a source of unimaginable power during the reign of the Aztecs. The holder of the skull never lost in battle! The skull was thought to be lost forever, however it is now known to be hidden in an Aztec tomb.


Why try Funhaven Escapes?

At Funhaven Escapes, we are escape room fanatics. We have tested escape rooms all over the continent to ensure that we bring the best experiences possible to our facility for our guests to enjoy. Our fully immersive and highly detailed escape rooms will leave you energized and ready for more!

We only offer private bookings!

advanced booking is preferred as walk-ins can not always be accommodated.

We understand that trying to escape with strangers can be awkward and difficult, so our bookings are always exclusive. This way, you can make memories with only the people you choose! Whether you’re on a date with a special someone, out for a group outing or team-building with your coworkers, we have the perfect exclusive experience to suit your needs.

More than just Escape Rooms!

You won’t be bored before your escape experience, or be forced to travel elsewhere afterward to continue the fun. Funhaven Escapes is set inside the Funhaven facility, home to a fully licensed restaurant and a multitude of activities and world-class attractions to keep the fun going. With choices like arcade games, bumper cars, Laser Tag, and more, Funhaven will help you continue the night (or day!) in style


About Us & Funhaven Escapes!

Fun Escapes at Funhaven offers thrilling escape room adventures created by our passionate team of puzzle enthusiasts. As a family-owned Ottawa entertainment destination, we are committed to providing exceptional experiences for all ages.
Our team’s love for puzzles and escape rooms drives us to create fun and stimulating experiences suitable for individuals of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced escape artist, we have the perfect adventure for you.
Discover why Fun Escapes is a premier Ottawa destination and immerse yourself in the excitement of our escape rooms. Join us for a journey filled with mystery and adventure, where every escape is a memorable experience.

Endless Fun Beyond Escapes

The excitement doesn’t stop once you’ve completed the escape room. Funhaven offers a plethora of activities to keep the fun going. Nestled inside the Funhaven entertainment facility, you’ll find a fully licensed restaurant and a wide range of world-class attractions. From arcade games to bumper cars, Laser Tag, roller coasters, and more, the adventure continues.