Laser Tag


5200 Square Feet Of Laser Tag Fun

Welcome to Laser Tag!  Our arena is 5200 square feet of super awesome fun times.  There are two levels inside, with ramps to access the second floor - they are pretty steep so please be careful when you’re going up and down them.


Blast your friends and family in our state of the art, over 5000 square feet, multi-story laser tag arena!


Rules and restrictions:


In order to keep Laser Tag as fun as possible, we have a few rules that we need you to follow.


The first rule of Laser Tag is no running. The second rule of Laser Tag is NO RUNNING. Obviously, we are pretty serious about that one!  If you run, you may bump into other people and hurt them or yourself, so please... don’t run.


The other rules are just as important to keep Laser Tag safe and fun:

No jumping - this isn’t a trampoline park.


No climbing - save that for the rock wall.


No sitting down - save that for the bumper cars..


No lying down - we only let people lie down in Laser Tag during sleepovers.


No kneeling - save that for the jungle gym.


No physical contact and no offensive language… come on, this is a family friendly place!


Keep your eyes wide open - it’s dark in there and you want to be aware of your surroundings!


Play fair - don’t follow around the same people and keep on tagging them.


Play smart - come up with a solo strategy or a team strategy.  You could even ask the amazing Fun Expert Laser Tag Marshal if they have any tips for you.


That’s it for the rules, remember the first two rules of Laser Tag… NO RUNNING!!!