Why try Funhaven Escapes?

At Funhaven Escapes, we are escape room fanatics. We have tested escape rooms all over the continent to ensure that we bring the best experiences possible to our facility for our guests to enjoy. Our fully immersive and highly detailed escape rooms will leave you energized and ready for more!

We only offer private bookings!

We understand that trying to escape with strangers can be awkward and difficult, so our bookings are always exclusive. This way, you can make memories with only the people you choose! Whether you’re on a date with a special someone, out for a group outing or team-building with your coworkers, we have the perfect exclusive experience to suit your needs.

More than just Escape Rooms!

You won’t be bored before your escape experience, or be forced to travel elsewhere afterward to continue the fun. Funhaven Escapes is set inside the Funhaven facility, home to a fully licensed restaurant and a multitude of activities and world-class attractions to keep the fun going. With choices like arcade games, bumper cards, Laser Tag and more, Funhaven will help you continue the night (or day!) in style

Adventure_iconFunhaven Escape Missions

Book: In house at the front cash

Time to escape: up to 10 minutes

Cost: 25 credits per person

Adventure_iconFunhaven Escape Adventures

Book: Online or in-house at the front cash.

Time to escape: up to 60 minutes.

Cost: 125 credits per person in house; $28 per person online.